A fascinating article regarding a new theory about the formation of Earth.


A large spinning hunk of hot, vaporized rock that forms when rocky, planet-sized objects collide

Earth may have taken on a jelly doughnut shape early in its history. The rocky planet was spinning through space about 4.5 billion years ago when it smacked into a Mars-sized hunk of rotating rock called Theia, according to one theory (SN: 4/15/17, p. 18). That hit may have turned Earth into a synestia, a blob of mostly vaporized rock with an indented center, resembling a slightly squished jelly doughnut, new simulations suggest. This synestia wouldn’t have had much of a solid or liquid surface. And the structure could have spread to about 100,000 kilometers across or more, much larger than its original 13,000 kilo­meters or so. The added girth would have come from rock vaporizing and continuing to spin quickly, which would puff up and flatten the shape.

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