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If you’re looking for the first movie ever made, you can look back to The Horse In Motion, created by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878. Muybridge was asked by Leland Stanford (railroad magnate, California senator, race-horse owner, and eventual founder of Stanford University) to answer a popularly debated question: When a horse trots, do all […]

The first film ever made and 10 other firsts in ...

A new technology is being developed with an aim of allowing filmmakers to create participative, “choose-your-own-adventure” type motion pictures, and for studios and independent film companies to distribute them to movie theaters, TVs or mobile devices. It will be introduced next month during the AT&T Developer Program’s Shape conference at […]

Interactive Moviemaking Technology to Be Unveiled in July in Hollywood

If your main source of information is “People” magazine, you might think that everyone in Hollywood is filthy rich. But don’t pack for Tinseltown just yet: It turns out the median weekly earnings of non-supervisory film industry workers in 2008 was $627 — only $19 more than the median weekly […]

A helpful list of all the different jobs in the ...